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A&J Hunting Supplies

Hog Traps, Deer Feeders, and Various Accessories

All products constructed with the hunter in mind...

A&J Hunting Supplies has been in business at the same location in Houston for over 20 years, and is owned and operated by a lifelong hunter.  A&J Hunting Supplies carries a full line of custom made Traps, Feeders, Cleaning Racks, and Blind Frames, as well as other supplies that the active deer hunter might require.  Some of these products can be customized to fit your particular hunting or trapping needs.  We also carry a wide variety of small accessories including Controls, Batteries, Spinner Plates, and complete Feeder Kits.  Some of our more popular items can be found on our "products" pages.  If you would like to inquire about a particular item, or to obtain product pricing, please call 281-445-1721, or 713-504-1441.  A&J Hunting Supplies can assist you in your quest for a successful hunting season!