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Expanding Trap

Spring loaded door with trip line.

Panels are 8 ft. X 4 ft.

Panels are pinned together every eight feet.

Panels can be added to suit your particular needs.

Hog Trap

8 ft. X 54 inches.

Spring loaded door closes securely keeping the animal inside.

Specific product information and pricing for the above items can be obtained by calling:

A&J Hunting Supplies



A&J Hunting Supplies

Traps, Feeders, and Various Accessories

Ladder Feeder

Two 8 ft. Legs

One 8 ft. Ladder

Funnel goes through the drum

Drum holds 375 lbs. of corn

​Drop on lid.


Winch Up Feeder

Three 14 ft. break apart locking legs

Heavy Duty leg receiver

Brake Winch (Will not back spin)

Double pulley.  33 ft. cable

55 Gallon drum with drop lid

Funnel goes through bottom

12 volt all season control unit

12 volt solar panel

12 volt battery

Holds 375 lbs.

Complete and ready to use, all for:  $585.00!!

Price does not include sales tax.

Standing Feeder

Three 8 ft. Legs

​Drop on lid.

Funnel goes through the drum

Drum holds 375 lbs.


Includes all of the above, plus:

12v All Season Timer

12v Solar Panel

12v Battery

ALL FOR:  $369.00!

 Price does not include sales tax.